ALGALENIC LABS combines years of research in science and nutrition to create health and sport supplements using Marine Microalgae as a key ingredient.
Our main goal is to produce natural and healthy food products to supply for the nutritional deficits found in today’s society and prolong longevity, all while being fully sustainable, cleaning sea water and reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. 

Algalenic Labs is committed to providing excellent and ongoing health improvements and benefits to people worldwide.

In line with our reputation, we are particular about the quality of the materials used in our products. Our marine microalgae come from the highly reputable supplier Buggypower (www.buggypower.eu), and are fully tested, traceable and compliant with IFS-FOOD standards. 

We do not compromise on quality - this is our trademark and our high-quality products are testament to this commitment.


Our marine microalgae 

  • Superior Quality marine microalgae
  • 100% sun-grown, marine Superfood cultivated in closed photobioreactors
  • Sourced from Buggypower, the World's Premier Marine Microalgae Producer
  • Certified IFS-FOOD.
  • 100% NATURAL (non-GMO): Our marine Chlorella is third-party laboratory-tested. No detectable impurities or contaminants.
  • 100% TRACEABLE

HEALTHY CHOICE: Our marine microalgae provide an abundance of benefits to your health.

All products are developed with our key differentiating ingredient, marine microalgae, and according to a “wholistic” nutrition concept. Wholistic – yes – as our marine microalgae should be consumed in their entirety so that every precious phytonutrient, vitamin and mineral can be made available to the body.

Each of our premium products will significantly improve your life span and wellbeing. They are functional, ultra-specialized foods.

Learn about marine microalgae and their benefits here.



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